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3M Hispanic Heritage Month


3M Center .Global Headquarters



Artwork name: La Unión / The Union
The central idea of the work is the union/intersection of the Hispanic communities in a
common place
The shape chosen to represent the union is the sphere since it is the three-dimensional
representation of a circle that is formed by many connected points.
There will be 21 small spheres, representing each Hispanic country in the world. All of them will
converge in a central sphere, which will represent the United States, since it is the meeting
point in 3M of these different cultures, and the one that brings them together and unifies them.
Each sphere will be intervened with different materials with the colors of the flags of each
The base will be circular and will mimic a mirror so the people who participate on it o
contemplate it later will see themselves reflected and identified.
Participants will be asked to write a wish for the union of the community and will stand inside
the central sphere that will contain a light and signify the strength of the community within the
The work will also be intervened with the artist's painting techniques, dripping and action
The 3Mers will be invited to go deposit their wish in the central sphere, take selfies and post
them on social networks with commemorative hashtags.

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