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Caos-2020- Acrylic,pouring,glitter,melt cd,
In this painting I was inspired by the original and confused state of matter that is supposed to be prior to the ordering of the universe.
From the original chaos arises light, matter and life
The color red of exciting nature and full of energy
Green is the color of hope, optimism and good luck. Also with naturalness, the search for pleasure and vigor. Finally, it is one of the colors most linked to the idea of balance, serenity and calm.
White is the color of purity and perfection and, in psychology, it inspires cleanliness, innocence, reflection, creativity, openness, growth, impartiality, and peace. All the perceptions and sensations that a person perceives through his senses can provoke a different emotional effect. In the center of the work a sculpture emerges that represents the manifestation and realization of being guarded by golden limits and water.


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