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I choose to use my creative impulses to produce unique works of art. 

A new white canvas, a surface with many possibilities, a place where I can express myself freely.

When the moment of creation comes, there are no limits.

In each spontaneous and unrepeatable stroke of my brushes, I create a magical and special world that only exists in my mind and in my soul.

Sometimes I feel that the colors show me the way and then I give shape to the final work.

I paint with passion, I create with love, I want to share my art with you




Carolina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976.Her relationship with art began at an early age. She painted and made sculptures with all types of materials and any medium that she had within reach of her curious hands.

Her artwork was usually selected to be displayed as samples in school. She took painting and drawing classes at the House of Culture  Miguel Carlos Victorica in Ramos Mejia where she lived.

Her passion for art lead her to study architecture for two years. Later, guided by her interest and competencies in communication skills, she studied and graduated as a Public and Institutional Relations Specialist at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. She worked for 15 years in different companies.

In her constant search for who we are, where we are going and why we exist, she studied alternative medicine such as Reiki (becoming a Reiki master), gem therapy and shamanism

Carolina painted her first 70 artworks on canvas with oil paintings on small format frames. In 2017 she decided to start selling her artworks and explores different techniques in search of new forms of expression. She changed to big formats and migrated from oil to mainly acrylic.

She adds fluo, glitter, ink, pouring and metallic colors to her palette that captivate the viewer with their energy, adding dripping techniques to her work, splashed with brushes and palette knives.

Her art is frequently exhibited in the Argentine art circuit and other countries. She is the only Argentine finalist in the Global Art Awards 2018 in Dubai.

At 46 years old Carolina has found a perfect balance between generating art and making it known to the world.


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